What Does The Holy Bible Teach Us?

The Holy Bible is the religious book of Christians. It is not a plain and simple guideline on how to live life or a collaboration of notions of intelligent people or humanitarians. It says much more than treating everyone equally, being kind, and not discriminating. Bible is the light of truth and the way of life. Bible is a collection of 66 books written over 1500 years by shepherds, prophets, kings, and doctors. It is a record of God’s work throughout history. His guidance and His love for us shine through the Holy Bible.

Bible is God’s Word. It is the ultimate truth. Therefore, one must read Bible every day to understand and learn something new each day. Our life is like a journey, and we sometimes lose our ways. We might be stubborn and try to find our ways. This leads us to get more lost in thoughts and ideas without any proper solution. Bible is our solution. In every path in life, whenever we feel confused and lost, Bible gives us answers and makes us feel calm and at peace. Bible teaches us to be humble. When we achieve a lot by “His Grace,” we tend to get arrogant and forget that God’s blessings helped us reach where we are today.

God's blessings

We take “Him” for granted and commit sins that cause us to suffer. Reading Bible daily helps us to stay grounded and reminds us that we live a life God has designed for us. He is guiding us because of “His Mercy” that we enjoy the life we might not even deserve. Bible also teaches us to be spiritually connected to God at all times so that no evil can harm us. Bible teaches us the absolute truth. God shows us when we are wrong and guides us in the right direction. He tells us what we should have faith in and what we should practice every day to make God and God alone happy by following his path as God saved us. He forgave our sins and saved Humankind. Whenever we feel stuck in life, Bible will create a pathway naturally that leads us toward truth and peace.

Bible makes our duties and responsibilities clear. If we believe that there is only One God and do as God has asked, no evil can come close to us. Even the demons will feel scared to go near if we have God’s protecting hands on us. God’s word is comforting, and reading the Bible helps us overcome sadness and fear. It helps us to stay positive even in the most turmoil times. Reading Bible on a daily basis will allow us to glorify the Almighty and be under his guidance to live a happy and fruitful life.

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