The 4 Major Themes of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration

There are mainly 4 main themes that interrelate the actual history of the worldview of Judeo-Christian.

Creation is the first theme. God used His power to transform nothing into something in the beginning, creating both time and the universe. He made the vegetation, wildlife, stars, galaxies and most importantly, the human race. Adam and Eve were given the task of tending the garden and caring for the animals by God after he had placed them in the idyllic Garden of Eden.

Meanwhile, a powerful angel by the name of Lucifer, who was previously created by God to be faultless, rebelled against Him out of envy and pride. After being expelled from heaven, he assumed the shape of a serpent. For Eve’s protection, he persuaded her to violate God by eating what He had forbidden her from doing. As a result, both the man and the woman experienced humiliation and their relationship with God was severed.

This is frequently referred regarded as the Bible’s second central subject. Original sin, or the Fall of Man as described by Christian thinkers. As a result, people are no longer born with morally upright dispositions; instead, they are born with a wicked desire to rebel against authority.

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The first couple’s family was still engaged in the conflict between right and wrong. Cain, one of their sons, killed his brother. A few generations later, the world was so violent and rebellious against God that grace was offered to Noah, the only man still alive at the time.

After Babylon fell to the Persian Empire and the Jews were liberated to return to Judah, they had been exiled there for more than 70 years. The Jews rebuilt Jerusalem and the temple when they got home. The prophet Malachi predicted that the Lord would visit His temple and that a future ruler will enter Jerusalem while riding a donkey in the final book of Jewish history. The third major theme of the Bible: redemption. The Old Testament tells the account of God’s strategy for bringing about human redemption. The sacrificial system, the clean lamb, the world’s saviour, the one who would sacrifice himself for his own people, was on its way.

The Jewish people recognized that Jesus Christ, the God-Man, fulfilled all of these prophecies as well as those relating to sacrifice, the tabernacle, the priesthood, the atonement, and the suffering servant. He is the High Priest, the King of all, the Savior of the World, and the Supreme Lamb of God.

The restoration theme is the last one. It is the time that Christ will come back and put everything right. We are in the already-not-yet eschatology at this time. This indicates that although Christianity is rising and God’s dominion is expanding, the millennium, or Christ’s thousand-year rule, has not yet begun.

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