History of Christianity

Almost 2.4 billion people around the globe follow Christianity. It is the world’s largest religion by population. Nearly 31.2% of the world’s population follows it. Christianity has come from the teachings and death of Jesus Christ. Its beliefs are divided into Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Protestant Church.


Christianity is more than just a religious belief. It’s a tradition and culture deeply embedded in Christians. For Christians, the way of living is Christianity. Their faith and practices are not just limited to God but also extend to their social life and how they carry themselves. Even though Jesus Christ is the focal structure, Christianity branches itself into several churches, beliefs, sects, and denomination that creates this religion. They believe in a life of prayer, quiet worship, building churches, and serving people. It was entirely against polytheism and atheism. They firmly believe in salvation and Redemption, and their agent of Redemption is Jesus Christ. Their identity develops as per the essence of God. The journey of life aims to go to heaven. They cleanse their sins and confess to the ‘Father.’ It makes them feel closer to God. They want to possess ideal and selfless qualities in today’s world. It helps them gain inner peace by maintaining religious discipline in their lifestyle. Christians want to be rescued from all evils, and they feel that they have been distanced from the Almighty and only God can help in forgiving their sins and bring them closer to Him. “Essence” is essential for Christians as it allows them to be unique in their identity. Although their faith is historical, they don’t believe in timeless conversation with God. The only way to reach the Divine Power is through his messenger Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ

It is a whole new culture and practice; its artifacts have been handed down from generation to generation. The representative of Christianity is the church, and the Christians are the body of believers aiming to get closer to God with the constant heavenly guidance of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was present in real. He suffered for the sins of the people and was able to be the Chosen One, God’s son. Since there was the physical presence of Jesus Christ, this religion has an element of realism. So, their first and last attention is Jesus Christ, and only He answers all the problems and sadness humans face on Earth. Only He can guide the way of life and help them be happier, at peace, and morally clean from the heart. Hence, Redemption is the sole motive for Christians and can only be achieved through Jesus Christ.

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