Favorite Christian Podcasts

Looking for a podcast on religion? Here is a collection of Christian podcasts to take into consideration, whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible or discover a new, entertaining angle on your faith.

Christian podcasts for adults:

  • Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Boyles, the hosts of the podcast Daily Grace, encourage women to delve deeper into their Bible studies and gain a better knowledge of God’s presence in their life.
  • Pray the Word: Host, writer, and pastor David Platt provides quick reflections and prayers that are ideal for your everyday commute.
  • Annie F. Downs That sounds  fun, Christian author and speaker Annie Downs offers her viewpoint on current Christian issues while incorporating guest interviews, chats, and evaluations of books, restaurants, travel destinations, and music.
  • WHOA That’s Good, Sadie Robertson Huff of “Duck Dynasty” is the host of a lighthearted and motivational podcast where she solicits the greatest advice from influential people.
  • Right Side Up: Danielle Strickland, a well-known author, lecturer, and voice on faith and justice, and World Vision have launched a new video podcast called Right Side Up. She examines the invitation of Jesus by examining the Beatitudes and provides suggestions for how to modify our lives in accordance with them. Alongside Latasha Morrison, “Be the Bridge” In the struggle for racial justice, Latasha, a best-selling and award-winning novelist, is a powerful voice.
  • Author and pastor John Mark Comer and author Jefferson Bethke discuss the detrimental consequences of ‘fight hustle and end hurry’ on our spiritual lives and what we can do to overcome them in their book Fight Hustle, End Hurry.
  • Dharius Daniels, M.D. Each week, Dharius and guests discuss issues related to faith, life, and culture.
  • BibleProject: In this well-liked series, which is now accessible in illustrated videos, pastor Tim Mackie and author Jon Collins take listeners on a trip through Scripture texts.

Christian podcasts

Christian podcasts for kids:

  • The Bible is read to children tale by story, and Jesus appears in every one of them.
  • Kids Bible Stories: The podcast shares the Bible with young listeners in an approachable manner, assisting them in making connections about how the Bible pertains to their life.
  • The podcast, titled “Jesus is Better,” encourages young listeners to grow in their faith and ask themselves whether they should follow God’s plan or their own.
  • The Chuck Swindoll creation Paws and Tales tells the stories of woodland creatures who discover the meaning of life and God.

Christian podcasts for parents:

  • Risen Motherhood by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen discuss the highs and lows of raising children in their book Risen Motherhood.
  • Fathers, this one is for you! Legacy Dads Every subject that affects Christian fathers today is covered in the podcast, including marriage, parenting, societal issues, theology, and more.
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