Facts Every Christian Should Know About Peace

Peace is a stress-free state of calmness that comes without hostility and violence. It is commonly used to mean a state of mutual harmony between people or groups and personal relations.

Peace of  God

Having the peace of God, which surpasses all understandings, means being freed from the burden of sin. When you are freed from the burden of sin, you will experience an indescribable calm from the inside. The calm rests upon every child of God at the time of salvation. You are not working for that peace, but it comes to you because you are in harmony with God. Connection with God, who were once separated from God because of sin, is now reconnected with God.


The condition of sinners, when separated from Christ, is estranged from promised covenants and without God in the world. But all who have thought Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior have also received God’s peace. The Harmony with God is beyond all understanding.

There is nothing to worry about and in all situations, through prayer and petition,  present your requests to God. The peace of God, which surpasses everything, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

The Bible says incredible things about the peace of God.

  1. The birth of Jesus Christ brought the peace of God to the earth.
  2. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and we can experience God’s peace here on earth through him.
  3. He told his disciples that he left peace for everyone. His peace is different from the peace the world bestows.
  4. God has promised peace to his people if they keep his commandments and obey his laws.
  5. Peace was part of the priestly blessing God commanded Aaron and his sons through Moses to give Israel.
  6. God’s peace allows us to sleep and stay safe.
  7. Those who love God’s word have God’s peace, and they can never be offended. To stumble means to fall into sin or error or make a mistake.
  8. When the Lord pleases someone, he brings peace to his enemies.
  9. The wicked will not know the peace of God.
  10. The peace of the Lord gives long life and brings good things.

Jesus Christ

The only thing you should do to experience God’s peace is to confess your sins and believe Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Then, pray if you want to invite Christ into your heart and experience God’s peace. If you have prayed sincerely, I rejoice with you and welcome you into the family of God. Our fear turns to peace because Jesus gave us peace, which remains. After all, we now have peace with the Father. As we experience eternal peace through reconciliation with God in Christ, we also receive the gift of his Holy Spirit. Through him, we enjoy the blessing of peace in our daily lives, even when we are in turmoil.

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