Five reasons why stroker toys will be your best friend

When it comes to self-pleasure, we all seem to have discovered all tips and tricks. Males start pleasuring themselves somewhere between 12-15 years of age. Therefore, by the time they reach their sexual maturity at 15-20 years of age, they become pretty confident in their ability to orgasm. However, with the advent of technology, new gadgets have started popping up every other fortnight, giving men new ways to self-pleasure.

One such innovative toy is the stroker toy. Stroker toys, also known as male masturbators, are simple devices that emulate the feeling of penetrative sex. Be it a wet tight sensation of a tight pussy or the insane pleasures of a sloppy blowjob, you get to experience everything with just a single toy.


In this article, I give you five golden reasons why you MUST have a stroker toy. These realistic masturbators will spice up your sex life like never before and will soon be your true best friend.


Am I qualified enough to comment on stroker toys?


Well, with an experience of 15 years of reviewing sex toys and writing thousands of adult articles, I think I am well qualified to comment on the recent developments in sex toys in general. As far as stroker toys or realistic masturbators are concerned, I consider myself a connoisseur of sex toys. Hence it is only fair that I have had over a dozen strokers lying in my cupboard.


Therefore, with decades of experience writing adult blogs and using realistic masturbators, I consider myself qualified to have an opinion on these modern-day beauties.


Five reasons why you should have a stroker toy:


  • Realistic AF!
    You would be surprised to see how incredibly realistic these stroker toys tend to be. The renowned toys have intricate textures on their inner lining that perfectly emulate the vagina. With ribs, dots, and other artifacts, you are in for a fantastic session every time you use realistic masturbators. Get one at Twice Tonight. 
  • Ability to switch up things.
    Many guys, like me, tend to get bored very quickly. I get tired of using the same masturbation technique after a week. But with stroker toys, you can switch up the sensation very easily.
    Almost every aspect of strokers is customizable, from the heating sensation to rhythms to the inner texture. So change it as frequently as you desire, and you experience a fresh sensation every time. 
  • Waterproof
    Most realistic masturbators have an IPX7 rating. This means that you can now shift your naughty session to your bathroom. Sit in the tub or float in the pool and enjoy your sessions with some waterplay. You’ll indeed thank me for this. 
  • Forget the hassles of courtship!
    Let’s be honest here. Tinder isn’t for everyone or picking up girls at the club. You’ve to be the coolest and sassiest dude in the club to pick up the chicks you desire. Even then, you wouldn’t know if she’s going to give you the V or not.
    Forget all this nuisance with the stroker toys; click here. With this simple device, you experience unmatched sexual pleasures every time. Getting the joys of sex is just a click away now.

  • Biosafe in every aspect
    Even if you find a partner to jump in bed with, staying infection-free is a big concern. These days one can quickly get a buffet of infectious diseases with simple sexual contact.
    The stroker toys remove all such fears. Here you get to enjoy yourself for as long as you desire. No fear of any infection or STD! 
  • Bonus Point: Affordable and discreet
    Stroker toys are the most affordable and discreet options to emulate the actual sensation of sex. You can find a good toy for as low as $30.
    But my advice would be to shell out a few more dollars to get a better one.
    You will cherish this one-time investment all your life, so don’t be too frugal about it.
    Lastly, unlike girls, your device won’t gossip with others about how you are in bed. So if you’ve any secrets to hide, it’ll stay safe between you and your stroker toy! *wink wink*


All these point to one fact: Stroker Toys are a man’s best friend.

If you’re still confused about whether to get one for yourself or not, I’d say take your leap of faith in me and buy one. Use it for a month, and you’ll be surprised to see how incredible this toy is. Not only will it take care of your sexual health, but it will also boost your confidence. So go ahead and grab a realistic masturbator right now!



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