4 Companies Radically Shaped by the Faith of Their Owners

Christians believes that Monday through Friday belong to the entire world whereas Sundays belongs mainly to the God within any work environment that also focuses production, speed, as well as profitability. But the Bible encourages Christians to lead more balanced lives.

Although Peter Demos started his career as a lawyer, he grew up in the family restaurant. However, his heart yearned for the hospitality sector and the restaurants, which were full of potential and memories. In his thirties, after successfully operating a restaurant for 12 years, he committed his life to Christ. Demos’ ability to become the successful restaurateur he is today, with four Demos’ Restaurant locations and two PDK Southern Kitchen locations, as well as an author, speaker, and the leader of a dozen organisations, was made possible by his initial act of listening to God.

Camp Gladiator’s Jeff Davidson. The day of Jeff Davidson’s wedding marked not just the commencement of his marriage but also the beginning of a collaborative business relationship. Ally ran away for giving the audition for American Gladiator, just few hours of her wedding. She returned in time to walk down the aisle while the meal was being cooked and the flowers were being delivered.

She also won the American Gladiator Grand Championship after few months. Jeff and Ally launched Camp Gladiator with 40 individuals and a stack of cones in a parking lot using the winnings. Camp Gladiator has more than 1,200 trainers who have altered more than 300,000 lives, and known as the nation’s fastest-growing fitness business.

Sam Thevanayagam is a person of warmth and professionalism who is also filled with the Holy Spirit. As the chief executive of Parts Life, Inc., he directs the company’s efforts to locate replacement parts and provide supply chain and obsolescence solutions to numerous military branches, particularly those in the aerospace, automotive, and construction equipment industries. Thevanayagam began his professional life in the auto sector. Then again, he lost his job after 12 years. Thevanayagam recognised he would need to recreate himself as a professional due to a strong non-compete clause. He provided consulting services for a period before founding Parts Life in 2007, just as the recession was getting started. Money was scarce. Thevanayagam suffered with stress as he tried to provide a roof over his family’s head and health insurance for his five kids, three of whom constantly risked the risk of getting hurt playing football.

Holy Spirit

In 1988, Joan Maxwell and her husband, Owen, established Regulator Marine. Their sportfishing boats are designed by Owen, and everyone else answers to Joan. Maxwell, the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s first female chair, is familiar with the feeling of being in new waters. In terms of her professional life, she is frequently the only woman in the room because she was the first member of her family to complete college. Maxwell learnt how to develop discipline and accountability within the organisation to carry out her goal in this life-giving, nondiscriminatory environment.

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